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Q: I am on my feet all day. This is beginning to create some problems. What type of shoes do chiropractors recommend?

A: What you wear on your feet is crucial to avoiding or minimize the type of back, leg and foot pain that typically sends people to a chiropractor. In a strong and well-considered decision, the American Chiropractic Association in January endorsed the Okabashi line of therapeutic footwear. The 25-year-old company manufactures all of its shoes in the U.S. In making the endorsement, the ACA cited the shoes’ foot support and massaging comfort, their durability and flexibility, the slip resistance of their soles on both wet and dry surfaces, their use of an anti-microbial agent that keeps shoes dry, and their affordability.

I have personally found that Doc Martens do a wonderful job of creating support and the sole is very effective for absorbing the shock of walking on hard surfaces. Since the large majority of people have imbalances of the foot, the proper use of a custom built orthotic is extremely helpful to prevent aches and even cure problems like sciatica in some instances. These types of shoes hold an orthotic under the foot very well to correct gait while the sole acts as the shock absorber – it’s a great combination.

Your feet are the foundation of your body. They can definitely affect your back. The simple act of walking requires your body to adjust to forces that affect your feet and spine. Foot or ankle problems can throw off your gait and in turn strain muscles in thelegs, buttocks, and lower back. For instance, a foot that flattens too much when you walk forces bones to support additional weight. Consequently, muscles have to work harder to keep things in order. That makes it more difficult for tendons and ligaments to hold bones and joints in place. Comfortable, supportive footwear is essential to maintaining a healthy back. Talk to your chiropractor about the importance of good shoes.

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