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Q:  I am beginning to have headache and back pain and I think it is from sitting at a computer all day.  I have tried physical therapy and it did not last.  I don’t want to keep taking pain medicines and getting CT scans of my brain either… it is not a tumor.  I just want some help.  Should I consider a chiropractor?

A:  Office workers, according to some studies, have a higher incidence of back pain than most people who perform physical labor. Sitting at a desk for long periods can be perilous to the back, especially when combined with a generally sedentary lifestyle. Throw in a long commute behind the wheel of a car and the situation is compounded. Although manual laborers are at greater risk for being hurt in an accident, they’re more physically active and recover faster from minor muscle strains and pulls. A sedentary lifestyle, on the other hand, leads to underutilized muscles and bones.

So if you are one of that group of desk-bound workers, make it a point to get some exercise during the week. And remember that back pain is not just a normal part of life. Whether you are sedentary or active, visit a chiropractor if you are experiencing discomfort in your back or anywhere else in your body. A chiropractor can serve many purposes for the desk jockey.  Mainly, when your body begins to let you know about its problems via pain (neck and back pain, headaches, wrist and elbow pain), the chiropractor is a great place to gain pain relief and more importantly, correct the problem long term.  Also, the chiropractic office is the right place to understand how to better your body’s tolerance for the rest of your career to sit at a desk.  Finally, the chiropractic adjustment, used regularly with your home exercise program, is the best way to maintain your now pain free lifestyle.

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