Q: I drive for work every day and see many of my coworkers who “got it in the back”. How can I avoid having these problems myself?

A: Proper posture during any activity is critical to maintaining a healthy back. If you spend any time behind the wheel of a car, that, too, is an activity during which you should be aware of your posture. When you get into the car, the first thing you should do—both for general safety and for your back’s sake—is adjust the seat so that you can operate the pedals comfortably, and the mirrors so that they are effective. Make sure the seat gives your lower back some support. This usually means that the seat back is more vertical than most people tend to position it. Next put a cushion at the small of your back to reinforce the subtle curve of the lower spine. This eases pressure on the discs. You know you are on the right track if both shoulder blades are touching the seat. Another benefit from this position is that if you were in a rear-end collision, which seems to cause more damage to the back and neck than other types of low speed collisions, you will have your head very close to the headrest, preventing the whiplash mechanism that can cause permanent damage to the spine. Doctors of chiropractic note there is considerably more pressure on your back when you are sitting incorrectly than when you are standing.

And remember these tips: Relax at the wheel. It reduces stress on the spine. Take regular breaks if you are on a long trip. At least every two hours, stop, get out and stretch. When unloading items from the back seat, use the back doors rather than reaching over the back of the front seat. Don’t wear tight clothes while driving. They restrict movement and blood circulation. Talk with your chiropractor about other healthy practices while driving and while performing life’s other routine activities. If you already are a back pain sufferer, you are like 80% of the population at some point in their life… try a chiropractor and see what everyone is talking about.

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