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March 29, 2020

In case you’ve been under a rock for the past month, you may have missed the talk about viruses lately.  Pretty much all human life has been aware and negatively affected by a virus recently, either directly or indirectly.  For some, this seems like an apocalypse and hysteria seems rampant.

I think it may be a good time to remind everyone that humans have evolved with viruses for millennia.  Please do not mistake me for implying this recent virus is not a considerable foe, because it assuredly is. But, also please remember that there is no better antiviral approach out there that has the sophistication and capability to handle a virus than a finely tuned and properly functioning human immune system.

So here are some very basic tips to help assure yourself immune system is ready to get in the ring!

Vitamin C and lysine can help fight viral infections in different ways. Vitamin C slows down or blocks viral entry and spread in the body and improves immune function and resistance against viral infections.  Vitamin C also inhibits viral multiplication in infected cells and induces suicide (apoptosis) of virally infected cells so that the spread within the body is limited. Vitamin C can be taken orally or by IV and dosages can vary but a reasonable approach may be around 50 mg per pound of body weight at a time like this.

The amino acid lysine blocks enzymes that all virally infected cells secrete. These enzymes cut through surrounding connective tissue (e.g. collagen). When lysine blocks enzymes it inhibits the spread of the virus in the body by limiting the effect of weakening this connective tissue. An adult may take 2-3000 mg per day of lysine while trying to beat a virus.

The combination of vitamin C and lysine is particularly advantageous because these micronutrients target different mechanisms. Both of these micronutrients cannot be produced in the human body and are therefore called “essential micronutrients”.  You must ingest them.

At Advantage Health and Wellness we can prescribe these supplements and others, from quality vendors and have them delivered to your door. All we need is your name, email address and phone number. You will get a notification of the order and the rest is up to you.

The essential disclosure for everyone is that I am not a medical doctor. Hopefully your medical doctor understands this important information and can assist you. Nutrient supplementation can interact with prescription drugs and should be considered every time with your medical provider.

References and more information that allows for a much broader understanding can be found at or google Dr. Matthias Rath “open letter the governments and people of the world”. Be sure to delve into the links. It’s a long read but worth it at a time like this. And don’t we all have a little more time right now?!

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