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Q: Why do I always feel more back pain around the holidays?

A: Chiropractors receive a greater number of phone calls around holiday time. Patients lift heavy presents, lug the Christmas tree, and get into awkward positions to assemble toys and children’s vehicles. Here are a few reminders to keep your body healthy:

Bend your knees when picking up an object. When lifting, keep the load as close to your body as possible. Do not flex forward when carrying the object since this creates pressure on the joints of the low back. A straight back is the best position.

Do not slouch in the car when in the car, especially when driving for long periods to visit the relatives. Also, regularly stop and stretch your legs and walk around. Similarly, watch how you sit in the recliner and sofa after that big holiday meal. Wrong positions could hurt your back.

No one likes making many trips back and forth to the car with small packages. However, carrying a heavy suitcase, package or box can hurt your back.

Be careful how you move when on your back assembling the new bike or crib. Because we are likely going to be more sedentary than usual, don’t get right into these projects cold off of the couch. Bend and move a bit; stretch and loosen or muscles previous to lifting bending or carrying things.

Remember that this time of year is supposed to be about happiness and giving. Try not to take it too seriously and get overstressed. This is the number one reason I will be busy this season in my office. Whether people recognize it or not, they hurt themselves more this time of year because they are generally more stressed emotionally. Don’t let this happen to you. Take everything with a grain of salt and find a reason to smile. Breathe deep, then let go of the stress. Have a great Christmas Season and make an appointment with your chiropractor if you are feeling unusual aches or pains.

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