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After 10 years of service with Advantage Health & Wellness, our Clinical Department Head and Radiologic Technologist Mike Radabaugh has announced he is leaving the company. Thank you for your service here Mike, and best of luck in the future!

Please see his farewell letter below:

It is with a heavy heart that I announce that I will be moving on from my position here at Advantage Health & Wellness on 11/17/2023.

To Dr. Trembush:  I appreciate the opportunity to be a part of this wonderful Community.  I Love this place.  Through my 10 years with this company, I have seen wonderful outcomes for our Patients, and I feel honored to have been a part of the process that led them there.

To Dr. Boyd:  You have always been an inspiring presence and you lead by example motivating those around you.  Your honesty with your Patients, and dedication to the true science of the Chiropractic profession is a testament to the sacrifices that got you where you are today.  The passion you show while leading your Patients on their journey to Wellness is unmatched.  Where most discount Chiropractors try to sell you on quick fixes and hokey promises and tell you how they think your spine works, you lead a Team that acknowledges real science and educates their Patients so they can continue to maintain ideal function and make optimal lifestyle choices through short-term investments with long-term gains.

To Mr. Matt and the Admin Team:  I know this office is in the best of hands!  You have passion and drive to make sure that your Patients and Team have everything they need to be successful.  Mr. Matt you are a rock and through your leadership I know that this practice will continue to adapt and grow to better serve the Community!

To Dr. Barko and Miss Michele (BOM PT): You undoubtedly strengthen this Team by engaging your Patients and letting them know they are seen and heard!  You take the time to understand the condition, see how it is affecting their lives, and comfort them by letting them know that you understand AND can help!

To Miss Alissa and the Advanced Physical Medicine of WV Team:  There is no greater compliment to the care our Patients receive with Advantage than the care and compassion of you and your Team!

To my PT aides and PTAs I have had the distinct pleasure of managing:  Over the years I have brought together a diverse group of aspiring and experienced medical professionals.  Many who have crossed the threshold of the PT Department have moved on to further their education in the medical field.  I hope that during your time here I have made an impact.  I hope I have imparted knowledge beyond the skills you acquired to satisfy your employment here.  I hope that I have conveyed the understanding that success cannot be achieved without knowing failure, and how to turn failures into successes…that marrying your image to your integrity makes you genuine and honest…that consistency is far better that perfection…and that acknowledgement, perspective, and empathy are actions not just words.

And Finally…

To my Patients:  Thank you.  Thank you for your trust.  Thank you for your time and commitment to your treatment.   Thank you for inviting us on your journey to better Health!  It is your desire to get better and take charge of your life by allowing us to educate you on making smart goals and better lifestyle choices.  I am sure I echo every voice in the office when I say “I am happy to have helped!”

-G. Michael Radabaugh, Jr.

G. Michael Radabaugh, Jr. BS | Advantage Health & Wellness, Morgantown, WV


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