Chiropractors, unfortunately, see numerous patients whose problem stems from a workplace injury, many of which are preventable with minimal caution. Workplace injuries cost billions in lost wages and productivity and health care costs, among other things. Here are a few tips to keep your body in shape in the workplace.

First, get adequate sleep. Fatigue is often a contributing factor to a workplace injury. Make exercise and healthy eating part of your lifestyle. You want your body to be flexible as well as strong. If you work at a desk or computer all day, sit with your knees at an angle of 90 to 130 degrees. More or less of an angle can strain the back. Get up and stretch frequently. Frequently means every 15-30 minutes, not twice per day. It only takes a minute or two to keep your body loosened up and it makes you more productive. No one will yell at you for being more productive will they?

Lifting, whether you’re an iron worker or an office worker, is always a concern. Always bend at the knees—not the waist—when picking something up. Try to keep your back straight and lift the weight with your legs, which have the body’s strongest muscle groups. Never bend and twist to lift something, no matter how small it is. Wear footwear that’s appropriate to your activity and to the surface that you work on. That means that rarely should you wear heels and when possible, make it tennis shoes. If you are on concrete floors all day, have extra cushion under your feet – either an insole or a pad on the floor.

If you are injured, report it to your supervisor and have a claim made. This does not mean that you will be using the claim to go on disability or miss a lot of work, but you need to report any injury- no matter how insignificant it may seem at the time – because it may end up bothering you more in the future and if it was not reported, it may be too late.

The effectiveness and cost savings of chiropractic use for work injuries is well documented. As an employer, it may be a good idea to develop a relationship with a chiropractor as the first stop for most injuries. Obviously if the injury is life threatening, a chiropractor is not your best choice of healthcare providers, but DC’s are well trained to identify a serious problem that needs to be evaluated in the ER. If the injury does not require that type of care, the chiropractic office is ideal. They offer conservative treatment that is highly effective, can keep the worker working and off of medicines – this all saves the employer big money for their workers comp premiums.

Talk with your chiropractor about your work and about what you should do to stay safe.

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