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Q:  Should my chiropractor show me daily stretching routines to reduce the risk of injury while doing yard work?

A:  Spring is upon us and this is definitely the time that many people get out and move around for the first time in months.  It is also definitely the time that many of us create new aches and pains.  Yes, this is a role that your chiropractor should play for your health.  And YES, by doing regular movement exercise, you can reduce the amount of pain you produce for your body.

One word that many chiropractors use over and over again is “stretch.” This physical exercise is important before attempting any strenuous activity or new body motion. Stretch before sports, stretch before walking, and even stretch before cleaning the house or getting out in the yard to work.

Minimally, learn to appropriately stretch your neck and shoulders.  Your lower back and legs are important too.  Stretching these basic areas can prevent the majority of injuries I see in my office.  Stretching enhances flexibility, which allows for reduced risk of tears of the muscles and tendons. It also speeds recovery and may even enhance athletic performance. Additionally, increased flexibility of the neck, shoulders and upper back can improve respiratory function.

Next time you visit your Doctor of Chiropractic, be sure to have him/her suggest various stretching exercises for your particular activities. If they are not comfortable in doing so, find another chiropractor or a physical therapist who will do this for you.  you need to be competent in the stretch, be able to do it often and quickly, and know that you are actually stretching tissues.  Everyone is so busy nowadays that it is very easy to say, “Oh, I’ll stretch next time.” don’t be this person.  This is the person who will end up in my office!  The few minutes spent in performing these exercises is essential. Stretching can easily keep your muscle aches and pains at minimum.

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