Soft Mattresses Cause Body Aches

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Q: Could my mattress cause me to wake up with aches and pains or fatigue?

A: Chiropractors say you should sleep on a firm mattress that does not “give” or sag when you lie down, and does not have a groove that keeps you from turning over during the night. If your mattress does not meet these criteria, either put a board under it for added support or buy a new one. The idea behind a firm mattress is that it will not “hammock” under the most dense part of your body and therefore create this sag that conforms your body to it and creates stress areas in your spine and muscles.

Pillows should also be used properly for a good night’s rest. The best position to sleep would be on your back with a pillow under your knees and a small pillow under your neck. It should fel like you are looking up a little while you sleep. A distant second to this position would be to sleep on your side with a pillow that is thick enough to keep your head from tilting and a pillow between your knees to keep stress from effecting your lower back.

If you do not have a restful sleep for several nights, you may begin to suffer from physical ailments as well as emotional problems, including depression. If you are not resting well, or you wake up with body aches, make an appointment with your doctor of chiropractic, even if you think you’re using a proper mattress and pillow. You could have had spinal problems prior to changing your sleeping habits. These must be eliminated. Usually it takes only a few treatments to begin to enjoy the benefits of this type of treatment and the stress relief it provides to allow for a more restful sleep.

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