What to Expect at your First Chiropractic Visit

by | Ask the Doctor

Q: I am considering going to a chiropractor and don’t have any idea what is going to happen. What is it like for the first time I go?

A: The first time you do anything, there’s understandable uncertainty about what to expect. Your first visit to a chiropractor is no exception. At the first visit the chiropractor will gather information about you and your medical history in a detailed consultation. Be sure to tell the chiropractor about any surgeries or injuries you’ve had. Like any other health care provider you visit, your chiropractor is concerned about general health issues as well as any specific problems you are seeking immediate help for. The more you can tell them about your lifestyle and health, the more they may be able to help you, but if you are interested in speaking only about a specific problem, then let them know that and they will remain focused mostly on that topic. If you will use your chiropractor for general health guidance, they may also want a blood sample and/or urine specimen and take x-rays.

The chiropractor will also check muscle tone, balance, range of motion of various joints and analyze your posture. If you’ve come to the chiropractor for a particular problem, he/she will want to know how the condition developed, what makes it feel better and what makes it worse. Finally, the chiropractor will diagnose your condition and decide whether it will respond to chiropractic care. If so, he/she will recommend a course of treatment and explain how long it will take either that day or upon your return for a report of their findings after they have had the opportunity to develop a plan of care for you.

We know that most people do not consider chiropractic as “mainstream” or until as a last resort. Because of this, the first visit is commonly associated with orientation type of information through literature and / or a video. We as chiropractors hope that the trend to use our services more as a frontline for musculoskeletal problems continues. We have tremendous outcomes and generally produce the highest marks in patient satisfaction. Don’t be nervous, your chiropractor will have your best interest at heart and is a person just like you. If your personality does not mesh well with a particular chiropractor, then find another one that better fits your style.

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